Will Kobe Bryant Return Next season?

February 22nd, 2015

When Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers icon, formally announced that he had been scheduled to undergo a surgery in order to repair the torn rotator cuff of his right shoulder, it wasn’t the question of whether he would miss this season; it was obvious that he will. The real question was whether he would be able to return to the opening campaign of 2015-16 that starts this fall. We may not have a definite answer but we do have an estimate of his return.

Soon after the Kobe Bryant’s knee injury which ended his season in December last year, a lot of uncertainty emerged regarding the immediate future of LA Lakers superstar. Kobe is as tough as they come on the NBA, but unfortunately, he suffered two consecutive injuries that ended the season he was playing in; causing wide speculation whether Kobe’s body will be able to hold in future games.

Kobe Bryant & the Los Angeles Lakers

In the November of 2014, Kobe had signed a two year contract extension worth $48.5 million. Not only did this extension secure his future in LA Lakers, but also retirement, with the same organization that took him on in the 1996 NBA draft.

For the five-time NBA champ, uncertainty still clouds the NBA as the offseason is officially underway. Kobe made an attempt to ease everyone’s mind and said his return is 100% confirmed, and that he is ready for the upcoming season in an interview on June 17th.

Since Kobe’s 36th birthday is arriving in August, a lot of people are speculating whether he’s left anything to offer. The probable Hall of Famer is enjoying the fact that everyone doubts his ability to bounce back in the upcoming season after suffering two season ending injuries.

At this moment, LA Lakers are still counting in the face of their franchise, with Kobe bound by the contract for 2 more seasons. The underlying question still remains; and this is whether the Lakers can compete for the title in the next two seasons.

Three players are under the contract in Lakers for the year 2014-15. Robert Sacre, Steve Nash, and Kobe Bryant will be returning this year; on the other hand the remaining roster is uncertain.

Future Possibilities

Irrespective of whether Kobe’s plays at the same level he did before, it is highly like that at the beginning of the next season Kobe will be joined with a notable newcomer to the team’s roster. The LA Lakers currently sit at 12-34 and lost 9 games consecutively. This suggests they already have big plans for the June 2015 draft. Phoenix Suns will get the pick as a part of the 2010 Steve Nash’s sign and trade, should it not be amongst the top five. LA Lakers also seem to have salary cap flexibility in the long term because of the massive contract of Kobe Bryant that expires in 2016. The news of this injury isn’t great for Kobe, but it can surely open up new possibilities for the club next year.

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