Why the lack of LeBron’s MVP talks

February 17th, 2015

LeBronMost sports narratives usually focus on the new guys when the overall team records are reviewed. When guys such as James Harden and Steph Curry are on the receiving end of the majority of attention in NBA’s MVP race; the four time winner, LeBron James, is gradually yet effectively building his case. David Blatt himself, head coach; has come forth as LeBron’s Chief lobbyist.

When asked about why James wasn’t the highlight of MVP talk, David Blatt responded by saying, “It’s quite funny actually, to be very honest. First things first, he’s the best player in our team, and especially since he has been in perfect health – his performance is higher than ever. And one doesn’t have to look far to judge the impact he’s had on this team, when he’s on the court and when he’s not.”

LeBron’s Numbers

LeBron’s record when he’s on the court highlights his team’s losses. The team, with LeBron in the court, is 25-12. While the team’s forward was recovering from knee and back ailments, the team was at 1-8. After James returned from his 2 week hiatus trip, he began averaging about 30.5 points, 6.4 assists, 6.8 rebounds, and finally 2.0 steals; these numbers will not only put him ahead of Harden for the score title, but the numbers he put on display for the world to see, will match up with his other Most Valued Players campaigns.

In that particular win over Detroit, LeBron carried the load alongside Kyrie Irving, teammate, and managed to finish with a steal, six rebounds, seven assists, and 32 points!

With LeBron James in the line-up this season, the Cavaliers had the offensive rating of 113.8; without James, they would be at 104.1; those are some significant statistics right there. Just as the offense boosted with LeBron presence, so did the defense, which was 111.8 points with him and without him it was a mere 106.4. Combining these two elements together; both the team and James have a rating of 15.4. If you wish to compare it with Harden of Houston’s, his rating is sitting at 12.1. Having been part of the league’s most prevalent teams, Golden State’s Stephen Curry alongside another player who has won just as many awards as James and Klay Thomson; James has his very own star teammates, but where value is in question, the records prove otherwise.

Another MVP and LeBron will tie with Jordon!

As observed by Dave McMenamin of ESPN.com, winning the fifth MVP will tie LeBron James with Bill Russell and Michael Jordon for second highest MVP awards in the history of the league, behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar by one. Cavaliers still have a long run ahead of them judging by where they currently stand in the east, but if they manage to get into top three again, have no doubt that it will credited to James.

Just as David Blat says, it would be the making of the same old boring story, just the best player in the world dominating and succeeding in winning another award, but hey – why get in the way of a good story.

Picture source: Keith Allison

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