Warriors Take Lead in the Western Conference Finals

June 6th, 2015

Joe JohnsonGame 1 of the Western conference finals, Tuesday night, was a great start of the finals. In the fourth quarter, the Golden State Warriors were tied with the Rockets by 97-97. They broke this tie with an 11-0 run and kept the score stable for the remaining few minutes to get a victory in the Oracle Arena.

Match highlights

Stephen Curry scored his seven game-high points, 34 in total during the run that decided the game. He also scores six 3-pointers throughout the evening. This distance hot-shooting maintained the post season trend for the most valued player. In recent weeks, the NBA post season record is for 3-pointers in both the four-season series, as well as the six game series.

Now 14 of 24, Curry made 21 points from the arc in the last two games. In the second-half, to aid the Warriors in getting out of the early series lead, Shaun Livingston would have thrived as the best setup man, had Curry been the closer. In the second quarter, as the Warriors were going small, Shaun Livingston was the main man that helped lead the 16 point comeback by scoring fourteen points, with perfect 5 for 5 shooting.

This comeback fueled the already frenzied crowd as the game progressed. One of the reasons they were so fired up was because the conference finals were returning to Bay Area for the first time since 1976. Crowds are expected to max out the capacity and on Thursday, the building will fill again as Dubs intent to take a series lead of 2-0.

Match details

Game recap

All four quarters went splendid for both the teams as they both performed in an outstanding fashion. Let’s take a look at the box score for both the teams. For the contender, Rockets ended the first quarter with a lead of 5 points, 31. In quarters two and three, they scored 24 points in each and finally, for the fourth quarter, they made 27 points, totaling 106.

The Warriors defeated the Rockets, but it was quite a close match throughout the game. Warriors were actually behind 5 points in the first quarter, but in the remaining three, they stepped up their game. In the second quarter, they were in the lead of 10 points, in the third, they were leading by 2. In the final quarter, they were behind one point, but the collection of their efforts throughout the game totaled a score of 110, with a lead of 4 points from the Rockets.

Top Performers

The top performers from both sides were blazing the entire Tuesday evening. James Harden of the Rockets scored a total of 28 points. Of his three attempts at 3-pointers, he landed one. Apart from this, all his other statistics remained above average throughout the game.

The top performer on the winning side was Stephen Curry. He managed to score a total of 34 points, of which, six were 3-pointers from eleven attempts. These shots tilted the game in their favor. Had it not been for these shots, the Warriors would not have the Game 1 victory.

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