The Top 5 Players in NBA History

March 20th, 2015

Whether it is the cool dunks, the three pointers or even the passes – Basketball is the sport of teamwork and strategy. It is a fast-paced game that requires 5 players of a team to coordinate with each other to deliver the timely assists, rebounds off the glass and the steals that give match-winning opportunities to the team.

The greatest basketball players are not necessarily the ones noted for their game scoring statistics but also for their dedication, flair and their capacity to inspire their teammates to win games.

Here is a countdown of the top 5 players in NBA history.

5) Kobe Bryant

The extremely fast and athletic Kobe Bryant has been notable for his extraordinary skills and achievements in basketball. The 6’6 tall player from LA Lakers has gone on to win the All-Star MVP award on four occasions and has also been an Olympic gold medal winner for his home country team in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

He first earned recognition for winning the slam dunk contest in 1997. Playing for LA Lakers all throughout his career, Bryant, along with his teammate Shaquille O’ Neal, helped LA Lakers secure NBA championships from 2000-2002 consecutively.

His success for reaching the 30,000 point mark in his career at only 34 years helped him become the youngest basketball player in NBA league history.

4) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

One of the all-time greatest players, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar established himself as an icon in NBA history. Known for playing from center position for the Milwaukee Bucks and then for the LA Lakers from 1975 onwards, Kareem went on to become the highest points scorer in a league and was celebrated for having the highest score in points upon his retirement in 1989. Over his 20 years of basketball career, he played 14 seasons for the LA Lakers and helped his team reach NBA finals 10 times.

His move, the ‘skyhook’ shot, became his trademark and an extension of his basketball legacy.

3) Larry Bird

Known for his dominance on the court, Larry Bird was enormously competitive while playing from his forward position for the Boston Celtics. Although he did not possess the athleticism that many of his teammates had, Bird was exceptionally astute when scoring jump shots and three pointers that led his team to have a significant edge over the opposing team.

His success in helping his team win multiple games throughout his career earned him the NBA ‘Most Valuable Player’ award 3 times and also won him the Athlete of the Year award in 1986.

2) Magic Johnson

Earvin Johnson earned the name ‘Magic’ for his wizardry on the court from the point guard position. Standing over 6’9 inches, Magic Johnson’s performances for his team, LA Lakers, alongside legend Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, catapulted the Lakers, helping them appear in 9 NBA final games and win a total of 5 NBA Championships.

As a player, he has won the NBA MVP award on three occasions in his 14 year career and has become one of the top most recognized players in basketball history.

1) Michael Jordan

Extremely-competitive, bold and highly motivational, Michael Jordan has earned himself the title of the most recognized and successful basketball player in NBA history. His unparalleled NBA career stats, with virtually no weaknesses on the court, easily make him an NBA legend.

There was nothing he did not accomplish; his dominance and strategic performances on the court led his team, the Chicago Bulls, to pull numerous victories. Together with his trusted partner Scottie Pippen, Jordan’s natural talent and competitiveness helped him surpass the icon of the time, Magic Johnson.

Jordan has won the NBA MVP awards 5 times, the NBA Defensive Player of the year and numerous other awards. He further served on the US National ‘Dream Team’ along with players Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing and won 2 gold medals in the 1992 Olympic Games.

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