Warriors Take Lead in the Western Conference Finals

June 6th, 2015

Joe JohnsonGame 1 of the Western conference finals, Tuesday night, was a great start of the finals. In the fourth quarter, the Golden State Warriors were tied with the Rockets by 97-97. They broke this tie with an 11-0 run and kept the score stable for the remaining few minutes to get a victory in the Oracle Arena.

Match highlights

Stephen Curry scored his seven game-high points, 34 in total during the run that decided the game. He also scores six 3-pointers throughout the evening. This distance hot-shooting maintained the post season trend for the most valued player. In recent weeks, the NBA post season record is for 3-pointers in both the four-season series, as well as the six game series.


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Charlotte Bobcats sent Gerald Wallace on the transfer market

November 10th, 2008

The leadership of Charlotte Bobcats considering option for the sale of wing Gerald Wallace, reported Pro Basketball News. According to the publication very independent from each other sources indicate that the separation between club and Competitor Michael Jordan is imminent. Although expect roads on both sides to be divided is not yet clear where it could be transferred Wallace. Currently, candidates are likely to inflect Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks. The managing direction of “soldiers” have problems with center Al Haringtan while “Knicks” is a similar situation with Eddy Curry. In Charlotte are not satisfied also by the presentation of Adam Morrison and Raymond Felton, from California.

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Knicks and Warriors should exchange Curry and Haringtan

November 2nd, 2008

After a few days ago stated that it wishes to be sold, the wing of the Golden State Warriors Al Haringtan is very likely find himself in a New York Knocks to few hours informed ESPN. In a number of Warriors Eddy Curry could not find a place in the pattern of newly appointed coach Mike D’Anthoni and very likely is he to be exchanged. From the direction of Warriors wish to acquire and David Lee. According to several independent sources across the ocean at the head office of “soldiers” had arrived some really interesting offers, but the direction of the club would prefer a new team of Haringtan be from the Eastern Conference.

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