Will Kobe Bryant Return Next season?

February 22nd, 2015

When Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers icon, formally announced that he had been scheduled to undergo a surgery in order to repair the torn rotator cuff of his right shoulder, it wasn’t the question of whether he would miss this season; it was obvious that he will. The real question was whether he would be able to return to the opening campaign of 2015-16 that starts this fall. We may not have a definite answer but we do have an estimate of his return.

Soon after the Kobe Bryant’s knee injury which ended his season in December last year, a lot of uncertainty emerged regarding the immediate future of LA Lakers superstar. Kobe is as tough as they come on the NBA, but unfortunately, he suffered two consecutive injuries that ended the season he was playing in; causing wide speculation whether Kobe’s body will be able to hold in future games.


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Perfect game for Dragic and the Phoenix Suns win in Portland

February 20th, 2013

Goran DragicThe Slovenian playmaker Goran Dragic Phoenix Suns played a great game in his team’s victory as a guest of the Portland Trail Blazers with 102:98. Dragic track record of 18 career assists and ‘suns’ sixth consecutive defeat caused the “pioneers”.
“It was really great. Yet I must thank all my teammates who scored when we find them a position”, said after the game Dragic, who added 16 points and five rebounds to his stats. Luis Scola scored most to Phoenix – 18 points and Wes Johnson added 14 and eight rebounds. JJ Hiksan scored 25 points for the Blazers, adding 16 rebounds, Damien Lilard scored 24 points and Aldridge LaMarkas stick with 23.

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Denver Nuggets stopped their bad series in away matches

March 11th, 2011

Nene Denver NuggetsThe team of Denver Nuggets interrupted series of 13 consecutive defeats in an away game the Phoenix Suns after tonight “chunky gold won by 116:97. Nene was top scorer for the winners – 22 points, Ty Lawson and Wilson Chandler added respectively 20 and 16, the first account and 11 rebounds, while JR Smith and Chris Anderson finished with 12 points. The reserve Marcin Gort was most useful in the composition of “The Sun” – 14 points and 18 rebounds, Jared Dudley scored 13 points and Grant Hill and Hakim Warrick finished with 12. Denver basketball benefited in the best possible way by which have set up their capabilities, noting only 32 points from the mistakes of their opponents and recorded a 52 percent success rate in shooting, while the hosts managed only 41% of their attempts. After the final whistle one of the happiest people on the ground was the Nuggets coach George Karl, who broke an even longer series, because the specialist would win in Phoenix in 1997-a year.

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Phoenix Suns won the match with New Jersey Nets

March 1st, 2011

Phoenix Suns NBAThe team of Phoenix Suns record another victory in the National Basketball Association after being imposed on his visit to the New Jersey Nets after a period of 104:103. A total of six basketball players “Sun” finished with ten points or more in assets, as the most effective was Marcin Gort – 17, Hakim Warrick, Robin Lopez and Mikael Pietrus game ended respectively with 16, 14 and 13, while Steve Nash and Jared Dudley is reported by 10 points. Brook Lopez scored 28 points for the “network” Anthony Morrow and Chris Humphreys is reported with 22 and 16, and Deron Williams, who debuted to fans of the Nets, is reported by “double-double – 13 points and 18 assists. The match was very equal, as in the final minutes both teams had their chances to pull out the victory. 1:07 minutes before the end of normal time traveler from Phoenix had an advance of seven points – 92:85, but Anthony Morrow, Channing Frye and Brook Lopez showed composure on the other side Nash and Gort missed and the match went over – 96: 96. In the extra five minutes Humphreys and Lopez took things to an advance of three points for the hosts – 102:99, but the Suns responded with accurate shooting of Gort, and Channing Frye scored three in 6 seconds left, thus ensuring victory for his team.

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Houston with 9th serial win

February 27th, 2009

Houston won at home by 93:74 in the Cleveland meeting of the National basketball Association. Yao Min realize 28 points for “missiles” and added Ron Arte 15. S sixth consecutive victory for Houston in the NBA and ninth consecutive home. Star of “cavalry” Lebron James is not recording any assistance for the first time in his career in the game with the lowest performance for his team during the season. However, James finished with 21 points in the first loss of Cleveland after a series of five consecutive wins. “Cavalry” wing lost Ben Wallace, who broke leg in the third period. Despite the loss, Cleveland continues to be first in the Central Division.
In the other match tonight Kobe Brayant realize 22 points in the household over Los Angeles Lakers against Phoenix with 132:106. Sixth consecutive success for ezernyatsite “which brought 70 points in the first two parts. Shaquile O’Neal was welcomed with cheers in the hall Staples Center, ending with 12 points and seven rebounds in the Phoenix. Los Angeles and Phoenix are the first and second place in the Pacific Division.

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Dwyane Wade scored 50 points per game, but Miami lost

February 23rd, 2009

The guard of Miami Dwyane Wade scored a record in his career 50 points, but the team lost his stay in Orlando with a 99:122. Wade string of more than half his team points and improve their current personal record of 48 points, which was achieved twice. “Left me bitter-sweet taste of this game. It’s good to know that you can get 50 points a game, but better to leave with a victory,” said Dwyane Wade. The guard is the seventh basketball player to enter 50 or more points in the NBA during this season. The star of the LA Lakers Kobe Bryant holds the record in this index by 61 points in a game. Bryant was out of his achievement last night, scored a modest capacity for 28 points, but it was enough for a victory over Minnesota with 111:108 for the team of Lakers. Lamar Odom added 25 points and 14 rebounds, Paul Gasol also scored 25 for the Lakers, who remains the team with the best balance in NBA – 46 wins and 10 losses.
Although without injured Kevin Garnet, Boston wins with the Phoenix as a guest 128:108. Rondo Rajon scored his career record in 32 points and added 10 assistance on his 23th birthday for the success of Boston. Ray Allen beads 31 points and Paul Pierce added 26 for Celtics. Jason Richardson noted 21 points for the team to Phoenix, which lost for the first time in the last four matches under the guidance of new coach. Cleveland beat Detroit at 99:78 with another meeting on this night. Delonte West scored 25 points in his first match since mid-January, while LeBron James added 20 for the success of the Clevelant. Allen Iverson scored 14 points for Detroit, which lost for the 15th and last time in 20 meetings.

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Amar’e Stoudemire in front of transfer in Warriors

February 10th, 2009

Although leading scorer of Phoenix Suns, Amar’e Stoudemire will in all likelihood found himself in a new club before the transfer window closing on February 19 and in all likelihood, this is exactly Golden State Warriors inform The Mercury News. “Warriors became very active in negotiations with the Suns in recent days” comment was a source close to next before publication. If negotiations Amar’e Stoudemire not be completed successfully for Golden Steyt, then surely the club will try to attract other young players who played high positions. So far in the season Studamayar is participating in 50 duel in which registered an average of 20.8 points and 8.2 rebounds.

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NBA chased Nash, Olstan, Barnes, McGrady and Shaquille O’Neal

November 18th, 2008

The main actors in the incident during the third quarter of the match between Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets – Olstan Rafferty and Matt Barnes were punished by the disciplinary committee of the NBA without pay for 2 meetings, and Steve Nash will remain without pay for 1 duel inform ESPN. Of turn Shaquille O’Neal and Tracy McGrady were fined by 35 and 25 000 dollars.
This was the primary action of the NBA disciplinary committee because of the rude scenes during the match. From the committee informed that there is no apology for such actions.

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