NBA Teams That Suffered from a Painful Decline

April 13th, 2015

There is nothing more enjoyable than to watch an interesting game between two equally competitive teams. Although what is considered interesting may vary according to different American sports, when it comes to basketball – a fast-paced game of wits and tactics – watching two teams battle each other to score the next point for their respective teams is surely intense and entertaining. But when those teams do not have the capacity to be competitive and make comebacks to win the games, your interest does take a hit.


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Andre Iguidala stays in Philadelphia 76ers

June 26th, 2011

Andre IguidalaThe head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers Doug Collins gave an interview with the daily Philadelphia Daily News, which categorically denied reports that the club are willing to part with their star Andre Iguidala.
“Andre request to stay with us. Last season he gave everything and often played in pain, just to help us. Thanks to him we became a team that plays well on defense. I can definitely say that rumors of the sale did not come from us, “said Collins.
In the same time the manager star Golden State Warriors Monte Ellis – Jeff Fried met with the club and has declared that his client wants to be transferred before the start of season 2011/12. As is known in the beginning of this week bosses Warriors announced that they will not part with one of their best players, although they have received several very tempting offers for it.

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