Know the Basics of DFS NBA, a Refresher

May 31st, 2015

NBA FBSIn this season of Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) NBA, there are a number of new players and with the NBA conference finals only a couple days away, a quick refresher of the NBA strategy may help. In order to play a daily fantasy sport, one must first be able to get a hang of it, as there is a lot that goes into the DFS NBA strategy. For this article, we’ve come up with a few topics that everyone needs to know about this NBA season.

Get familiar with different scoring systems

Whatever website one uses to track scores, it cannot stress enough the need to master every website’s scoring system. Pinpoint and understand the subtle difference between each of them to better understand what’s going on in a game.


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 NBA’s Amazing Final Moments of All Time

January 21st, 2015

NBA is that dynamic, power-packed, and energetic zone, from where fully spirited and immensely strong basketball warriors emerge. It is the zone where basketball payers have to demonstrate their charm and wit with the basketball in its entirety. NBA has indeed accepted the challenging responsibility of giving birth to basketball legends, who carve out their legacies in the DNA of this league. On its way to its 70th birthday in a few years, NBA has amassed a huge wealth of treasured moments of basketballs finals that it will continue to cherish forever.

There are stunning players such as Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, who rose to the peaks of their performances while surviving the tremendous pressure of the championship series. While NBA finals are in full swing, we present to you a throwback of NBA’s amazing final moments of all time.


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Rubio may join to the team of Barcelona

August 1st, 2011

RubioThe management of the basketball Barcelona can offer a new contract of Ricky Rubio if it fails to attract in its composition Marselinyo Uertas of Caja Laboral, the media revealed the Iberian Peninsula. As is known, the young Spanish international has signed a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the lockout in the National Basketball Association to allow him to begin 2011/12 season with his old teammates.
However, Uertas repeatedly expressed their desire to go in Barcelona, ​​but at this stage of the Caja Laboral bosses do not want to part with its star and send it to one of their main rivals for the title in the Liga ACB.

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Dwyane Wade: It was great game

May 25th, 2011

Dwyane WadeThe leader of the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade said after the victory over the Chicago Bulls after 101:93 over with the fans of basketball should be happy with what he saw in a game № 4. Guard the “hot” adding that his team had more luck over and that’s what contributed to success.
“Basketball of the both teams gave everything of myself and no one wanted to lose this match. However, we had more luck in overtime and we were able to reach this important success. Anyone who is a fan of the game must be happy that witnessed the game so interesting”, said Wade.

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Atlanta won the match with Chicago Bulls

March 4th, 2011

Atlanta Hawks matchTeam Atlanta record another victory in the National Basketball Association after the need for their household Chicago Bulls 83:80. Above all in this meeting was the leader of the “hawks” Al Horfard, who finished with an impressive “double-double – 31 points and 16 rebounds, Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford added a 12 and Marvin Williams scored 10 points for success. The most conducive to “Bulls” was Liol Deng – 15 points, Joakim Noah finished with double-double – 13 points and 12 rebounds, and the guest stars Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer had day and scored respectively 12 and 11 points. Both teams exchanged one half, as the first score 24 minutes from Chicago showed a more organized and focused game and after winning the first and second quarter respectively 28:19 and 22:14, withdrew to rest with an advance of 17 points – 50:33. In the second half the roles are exchanged, such as basketball, the Atlanta stepped up and led by Al Horfard, “hawks” have come to twist as recorded 50 points in 24 minutes, allowed opponents to score only 30 points and came up with this important success – 83:80.

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Chicago Bulls hit Miami Heat

February 26th, 2011

NBA BasketballThe team of Chicago Bulls are greeted with a dramatic victory with a 93:89 against the Miami Heat in their Hall United Center. “Bulls won the derby between two of the leading teams in the Eastern Conference with a decisive OF threesome wing Lyao Deng 16 seconds left, the score 89:89. Deng was right after an assist on the playmaker and leader of the hosts Derrick Rose. Superstar LeBron James tried then to restore equality with three, but fails. At Korvar fouled Kyle, who missed the first free throw, but realized the second and 9.4 seconds before the end of “stamping” the victory of the Bulls. This is the second consecutive home success for Chicago against Miami since the start of the tournament as both teams have played twice against each other this season. The third game between the Bulls and Heat will be on March 6 in the hall of “hot”. The halftime score of Miami had a lead of 9 points, but it erased completely Chicago with a strong third quarter, which beat opponents with 27:14. Bulls even led by 9 points difference in the final quarter but the Heat rose to attack and in turn came out ahead by 4 points difference. Minute and six seconds before the end of the cavity, however, Derrick Rose made the score 89:84 for Chicago, but at 89:86 LeBron James scored two points and was fouled. Wing implement and free throws to even the score – 89:89, before the denouement.

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According to Lebron James, Mike D ‘Anthony is the genius of offensive basketball

November 27th, 2008

Of the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James said that the head-coach of the New York Knicks Mike D ‘Anthony is a genius of offensive basketball. James was part of the U.S. national team that won the Olympic title game in Beijing this year. Then D ‘Anthony was assistant coach Mike Kchnevsky. “We are close. Mike D`Anthony gave me a lot of leeway, while it can play a position like pipe. I was the leader of this team, but I am also pleased with some tactical performances in the attack. Watch how I operate schemes His in Phoenix, how many players shot and get to easy baskets. It was amazing to be part of this chemistry ideas in genes of the offensive basketball Mike D Anthony”, said King.
Are still speculation that the Lebron will take to New York in the summer of 2010 when his contract expires with the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to the publication of “Knicks” official website they do everything possible to allocate sufficient funds to pay for the roof to attract one of the most popular players in the world. (more…)

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Stephon Marbury back to high school

November 10th, 2008

Enjoying a very unsatisfactory status in a New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury intends to continue practicing in order to maintain the form of a high school basketball team “Lincoln in Brooklyn, is a graduate, reported New York Daily News. Coach of the team is still well known Dwayne “Tiny” Morton.  “I think it is best to start training with the team at my high school. I’m Totally serious. I talked to coach and asked if I could practice with the boys and to teach them,” said Marbury after his last workout with Knicks in Greenbery. For the moment, however, is doubtful it will Knicks placed the guard practicing with another club. Also, while Marbury is part of the team and traveling with Nadal will have plenty of time to travel from Brooklyn to Westchester County, New York for further activities.

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Patrick Juing mad to Knicks

November 2nd, 2008

Assistant coach of the Orlando Magic and legendary New York Knicks player – Patrick Juing far not been satisfied by the fact that his son Patrick Juing -junior was released from a “Knicks” shortly before the start of the season, reported Orlando Sentinel. “I address look to Europe or the League of development. Look to get the best solution,” said a large Juing .  Junior perform well during pre-season training, but by Niks have to leave the squad Anthony Roberson.
“This was very angry,” admitted the former center of Knicks before publication.

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Shawn Livingstone get back to game

October 26th, 2008

Twenty months after receiving a severe wound in the knee and was subsequently operated, of the guard of Miami Heat – Shawn Livingstone is now ready to play. The playmaker recording his first minutes on the pitch after nearly 2-year absence in control of “hot” late last night against the New Orleance Hornets, won by the “hornet” with 100:80. For 19 minutes on the pitch Livingston 5 points strand, controlled fight and made 1 Assists 3. “My return game was very special moment for me, given where it is until some time,” said Livingstone, through to the Mitchell Center, part of the campuses of the University of South Alabama, where the battle game.

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