Kyrie Irving reminding NBA he’s among the Elite!

February 8th, 2015

NBA coaches had already voted for All-Star when Kyrie Irving started scoring some serious buckets, bad timing perhaps; but Kyrie Irving keeps reminding NBA that he’s the elitists of the elite.

15422350331_8d800af8c2_mWhat truly proved Irving’s skill beyond question is the win over Portland Trail Blazers with a 55-pont burst finishing with a 99-94. This marks the high point in Irving’s career, and made him the 5th youngest player to land a double-nickel in the game in the last fifty years. His 11 three points made for a franchise record. In the Cavaliers history, only the infamous LeBron James has ever managed to score more (56).

Throughout the entire game, Irving was at his peak, which is quite remarkable considering the fact that he began the match and missed 7 straight shots. Nevertheless, he had the motivation to continue shooting confidently. Scoring big isn’t anything new for Irving. His hot streak not too long ago and his overall stats for the season are in line with it; but what really is new for Irving is that he is in the making of becoming a constant winner.

Iconic Performance

Cleveland won eight games in a row since LeBron came back from his two week break, and Kyrie has ‘Uncle Drew-ed’ everyone in that time. According to the stats on, in the past eight games, Kyrie Irving has an average of 28.4 points, 3.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists on 52.9% floor shooting, and 55.4% from deep.

The presence of LeBron James helps, but Irving went at it single handed against the Blazers for the fourth best record within the league. Now at No.4 for efficiency in defense coming into play; it’s the performance of an all-star, alpha, and an elite.

The All-star vote may be an issue that is not in the hands of Irving, but it’s clear that he belongs in the midst of all the action, based on his reputation. Everyone is aware that Kyrie Irving wants in on the All-Star Weekend. Irving has won three point shootouts, dominated the rookie sophomore games, performed a legendary cross over against Brandon Knight, as well as collecting MVP this past year. It’s easy to take a shot at Kyrie for suddenly stepping up his performance for the All-Stars Stage while his home team, the Cavaliers, never received that type of sustained drive and focus.

Kyrie is on Track!

It’s an acknowledgement that Kyrie Irving has grown up saying that he belongs on the All-Stars Roster.

However, some of the shots taken at Irving are fair as his defense comes and goes, and has never led a winning game; and we cannot be sure that he can proficiently channel his talent into efficient play in a sustained stretch.

We will soon find out whether the coaches in the league share Irving’s reverence. Even is Kyrie Irving loses to Jeff Teague, Dwyane Wade, Kyle Korver or anyone the coaches may choose, he still has the rest of the season to prove his worth at the high point of his career.

Picture source: Erik Drost

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