Australia and USA without loses in the group stage

October 23rd, 2008

World champion Australia record fifth consecutive victory after success over Russia by 75:55 (15:19, 10:18, 30:10, 20:8) and get a first place Group A of the Olympic basketball tournament for women. With 16 points against European scored Lauren Jackson and Belinda Snel. The team of Australia was losing with 12 points at 25:37 of the rest, but won the third part of 30:10 and ensure its victory. The player Becky Haman was most useful with 20 points for Russia. On the quarter finals, the team of Australia, who will try to interrupted series of U.S. three consecutive Olympic titles, will play against the Czech Republic. Russia, which finished second in the group will meet Spain for a place on the half finals.

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Korea wins versus Latvia

October 23rd, 2008

Republic of Korea got the win over Latvia by 72:68 (20:22, 22:13, 18:9, 12:24) after 17 points Dzhungun Park. For Latvia with 22 points is distinguished Annette Zogota-Dzheykabsan. In the last match of the group Brazil had over Belarus with 68:53 (20:12, 19:14, 10:12, 19:15). For Brazil Kelly Santos scored his 14 points, while Belarus and Natalia Anufrenka  and Elena Leshanka scored by 10 points.
In group B the favourite USA win againt New Zealand with 96:60 (23:18, 27:6, 25:18, 21:18). Thompson is distinguished team with 15 points for the Americans. Keyti Smith dded 13 points and Siymon Ogastas finished with 12.  USA will play with the Republic of Korea for a place on the half finals. Spain win against Mali with 79:47 (19:5, 17:16, 22:12, 21:14). For the winners Amaya Valdemoro record 21 points, while for Mali with 17 points is distinguished Denebu Sisoko. China hosts of group stage ended with success over the Czech Republic by 79:63 (24:11, 17:14, 24:20, 14:18). Mao Litsze record 21 points for the Asian girls.

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USA crashed China with 31 points

October 23rd, 2008

In the first match of male basketball tournament of the Olympic Games – Beijing 2008, the team of the United States beat China in 101:70 points. The expected with great interest collision of a preliminary group B of the tournament was equivalent to the 16th minute, when the result was 29:29 points.  Then the Americans gradually got the advance, which at the end of the match was 31 points. For the winners Dwayne Wade was most useful with 19 points, while LeBron James added 18. The super star of NBA and China Yao Ming finished with 13 points.
In other two matches of the group with Germany won against Angola with 95:66 points, while Spain hit Greece with 81:66 points. In group A surprise wreath Lithuania,who won against Argentina with 79:75 points. Russia won against Iran with 71:49 points, and Croatia – Australia finished with result 97:82 points.

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USA Won with 87-76 over Australia

August 6th, 2008

The national basketball team of USA got a record consecutive victory in controlling their meetings before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing, but this time success came quite difficult. The players won with 87:76 over Australia in a last rehearsal before the basketball tournament of the Olympic Games.  Dwyane Wade again was most effective for Americans with 22 points and 3 struggles. Lebron James scored 16 points and took 5 balls, and Dwight Howard finished with 12 points and 10 struggles. Patrick Majals and Chris Anstey is scored  13 points and David Barlow – 12 points. The meeting began exclusively equally and although not a game for Australia star of the team, center of Milwaukee Bucks Andrew God.
“This was not anything that should worry us. Dangerous is when you lose. Still grow as a team and still will continue to become better with each match. But no doubt learned something today “were the words of Dwyane Wade.

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LeBron James with serious injury

July 25th, 2008

The super-star of USA grand team – LeBron James, is injured and the last news for his conditions are a “95% no-go” for Friday’s game in Las Vegas against Canada. This was announced by the USA team coach. LeBron James, the forward of Cleveland Cavaliers, is sustained a right ankle sprain. This happened during a Tuesday practice, and teh player had been held out of a scrimmage for the second straight day. From the agency Associated Press reported earlier today that the played took part in some drills, but the condition of the player is unstable and maybe the coach should not give a large chances for this player.
“He hasn’t had contact,” told Krzyzewski – USA Team Coach. “We’re better off giving him a few days.”
The injury happend during the training match and he landed on Kevin Durant’s foot. The Team of USA played versus a team made up of young NBA players.
“When it happened, I could barely walk on it, and it progressed throughout the night,” told LeBron James. “It’s feeling a lot better. If I had to play, I would.”

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Germany basketball team qualified for China

July 25th, 2008

Germany had ranked for the Olympic basketball tournament for men, reached after win over Puerto Rico by 96:82 (48:39) in the last match of the qualification tournament in Athens.
More yesterday teams of Greece and Croatia have provided a place for their 2008 Beijing after half-finals won their matches respectively over Puerto Rico and Germany. This evening the German star Dirk Novitski team record 32 points for victory, adding 19 Haman, a 15 Greene.
Shortly after the end of the tournament was towed the estiny for groups of the Olympic tournament. Germany is strong in group B together with teams of the hosts of China, the super-team of USA, world champion Spain, Greece and Angola.
In Group A are Argentina, Australia, Iran, Lithuania, the European champion Russia and Croatia.

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