Oklahoma City Thunder won the 7th match and qualifies for the final on the Western Conference

May 16th, 2011

Oklahoma Nba finalOklahoma City Thunder won game number 7 against the Memphis Grizzlies, and thus semifinal playoff series of the NBA Western Conference between two teams with 4-3 wins. “Thunder” beat their opponent with 105:90 in its Hall of Oklahoma City Arena, a very strong game made two big stars of the hosts – the wing guard Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Durant scored four threes on 9 attempts and finished the match with 39 points and 9 rebounds. So he completely make up for poor performance in game number 6, which implements only 11 points. The playmaker Westbrook did record a triple-double with 14 points, 14 assists and 10 rebounds. 17 points off the bench said guard James Harden. For “Grizlies”18 points marked the playmaker Mike Conley Jr. and 17 points and 10 rebounds recorded heavy wing Zach Randolph. Thus, Oklahoma City Thunder qualified for the first time in the history of the West finals after basing club in Oklahoma. Memphis started well in the first minutes of the match but the hosts gradually began to dominate. After the third quarter to lead Thunder to score 14 points already and guests had the strength of a turnaround in the last quarter. Both teams made a memorable series, which played a game with three innings, won by Oklahoma City and even one of the meetings has also been a period in which outlasted Memphis. Ultimately, pointing to the favorite in the clash between two teams team “Thunder” won the series and the finals in the Western Conference will face the Dallas Mavericks team that dethroning defending champion Los Angeles Lakers with a 4-0 win. The first meeting between the Thunder and Mibsam is 4:00 local time the night on Tuesday against Wednesday as the host was Dallas.

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Oklahoma City won the 5th match in the Western Conference semifinals

May 12th, 2011

Oklahoma CityThe team of Oklahoma City Thunder 3:2 lead with victories in the series in the Western Conference semifinals after having had in his household with the Memphis Grizzlies 99:72. The top scorer for the winners was Kevin Durant with 19 points and Diykuon Cook and Russell Westbrook ended the meeting by the 18 and 11. Marc Gasol was the only player to score, which ended with a double digit grade – 15 and three basketball players the Grizzlies are reported with 9 points – Zach Randolph, Mike and Darrell Arthur Kanli. After the previous two games of the series both teams his tidy real thriller as it was appropriate to decide the winner by one and three sequels, that means “thunder” to ensure success long before the final whistle.
“When you go through these games in just one week, all this makes you think and look for errors in themselves. Victory in a match № 4 with three innings showed that we are not accidental team and I think they finally see that we can win important matches, “said after the final whistle Durant. The coach of the Memphis Lionel Holins said after the match that will not seek excuses for losing, but just try to pick his players up as soon as possible.
“Clearly, shooting and game as a whole, not us went today. Missed a lot, and loss of previous game definitely affect boys. Would not be justified, and will do everything possible to get his players to forget as quickly as this defeat, “said the specialist.

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Oklahoma City with 5th serial winning

March 17th, 2011

Oklahoma City teamThe team of Oklahoma City Thunder record fifth consecutive victory in the National Basketball Association after it had during his visit to the Miami Heat 96:85. The leader of the “thunder” Kevin Durant scored 29 points for success, and Russell Westbrook and James Harden added respectively 18 and 12.
Chris Bosh was again the most useful for the Heat – 21 points and 11 rebounds, Dwyane Wade scored 21 points also, but LeBron James and Mike Bibby finished game with 19 and 10 points. The team of Oklahoma City recorded quite low success rate in shooting of his game, but it remained behind in this game after Kevin Durant and company demonstrated a great game in defense and despite the relatively low percentage of marksmanship are important greeted with success. “This is a great win for us. We managed to win, although at times we had trouble shooting. I can definitely say that today we played very well in defense, said after the final whistle Durant.
The hosts had a chance to pull out the victory after 3:30 minutes before the siren lagging behind with seven points, but then Wade missed a breakthrough in autonomous, remaining doubts that the leader of “Hot” was fouled. This infuriated “D-Wade”, who sought an explanation from the referee, but instead, he and coach Eric Spoelstra Miami each received a technical violation. Kevin Durant said of the line for the penalty, the difference jumped to 11 points in the remaining time guests are not allowed twist.

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LA Lakers with difficult victory versus Oklahoma City

February 28th, 2011

LA LakersThe Champions Los Angeles Lakers have made extremely difficult victory in his visit to the Oklahoma City Thunder with 90:87 in straight games by the NBA. Pau Gasol was the most useful for “Lakers” and finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds, Andrew Bynum also was marked by “double-double – 16 points and 10 rebounds, while Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest finished respectively with 17 and 10 points. Russell Westbrook scored 22 points for “thunder” and Kevin Durant and James Harden excelled as a 21 and 14 points. The basketball club of Oklahoma City demonstrated a good sight in the first half, they managed to achieve 61% of their attempts to shoot and it provides them a lead of five points – 56:51 on holidays. After resumption of the game boys by Phil Jackson tightened security, which definitely affect the firing rate of housewives – 32%, proved decisive gaps from a distance of Durant and Harden in the final seconds of the game and the siren sounded at 90:87 in favor of the Lakers.

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Durant wants to stay in Oklahoma City Thunder

November 27th, 2008

Despite the obvious problems of Oklahoma City Thunder in the league, their star Kevin Durant said he wants to stay in Oklahoma City as may be longer, informed The Oklahoman. Durant was elected under number 2 in the draft last year, won the award for rookie of the year and order in the history of the NBA as the third teenager registered over 20 points during the season.
“I want to stay here as long as is. This tell all. I want to be part of history Thunder throughout his career, if possible. So this is all that I recently” were the words of Durant.

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