New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors made great game in London

March 6th, 2011

New Jersey Nets NBAThe historic weekend of the NBA in London ended in a unique way, since New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors groomed most effective game of the season in the middle “O2 Arena” in London. “Nets won with 137:136 after three innings, this was their second victory over the” dinosaurs “, after being forced over his Canadian competor and on Friday evening with 116:103. Thus ended the tour of both teams in Europe that went down in history as the first clubs in the NBA, played a regular-season meetings of the League of the Old Continent. Brook Lopez made a great game for the Nets, registering 34 points and 14 rebounds, and his career record to 8 “umbrella”. The center, however, left the game in the second over for six personal violations. Playmaker Deran Williams recorded his fifth consecutive “double-double of 21 points and 18 assists, while Kris Humphries added 20 points and 17 rebounds for success. The great hero of New Jersey, however, said Travis Autlou who shove the last 8 points for his team in the third extra minutes, leading him to success. Wing realized two free throws 12.6 seconds before the siren to form the final result in the match.
“Our team was inspired by Deran Williams, which is something quite positive,” said last night after the success of coach Avery Johnson NJ. Sasha Vujacic also made strong game for the winners. Slovenian finished with 25 points, scoring a total of 6 threes.

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Phoenix Suns won the match with New Jersey Nets

March 1st, 2011

Phoenix Suns NBAThe team of Phoenix Suns record another victory in the National Basketball Association after being imposed on his visit to the New Jersey Nets after a period of 104:103. A total of six basketball players “Sun” finished with ten points or more in assets, as the most effective was Marcin Gort – 17, Hakim Warrick, Robin Lopez and Mikael Pietrus game ended respectively with 16, 14 and 13, while Steve Nash and Jared Dudley is reported by 10 points. Brook Lopez scored 28 points for the “network” Anthony Morrow and Chris Humphreys is reported with 22 and 16, and Deron Williams, who debuted to fans of the Nets, is reported by “double-double – 13 points and 18 assists. The match was very equal, as in the final minutes both teams had their chances to pull out the victory. 1:07 minutes before the end of normal time traveler from Phoenix had an advance of seven points – 92:85, but Anthony Morrow, Channing Frye and Brook Lopez showed composure on the other side Nash and Gort missed and the match went over – 96: 96. In the extra five minutes Humphreys and Lopez took things to an advance of three points for the hosts – 102:99, but the Suns responded with accurate shooting of Gort, and Channing Frye scored three in 6 seconds left, thus ensuring victory for his team.

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Deran Williams singed with Nets

February 23rd, 2011

Deran WilliamsThe transfer of Deran Williams from Utah Jazz to New Jersey Nets was officially announced by General Manager Billy King, the Nets as “jazz musicians” get Devin Harris, Derrick Favours, their right to choose pick in the next two years and $ 3 million. Moreover, , “Nets’ forward Troy Murphy and right in the second round drafted in the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Brandon Wright and Dan Gadzurich. “We are pleased that we managed to attract into its ranks a player the caliber of Deran Williams. He is a basketball player with great talent who will surely contribute to improving our game, which is our main goal,” said King. Senior trainee NJ Avery Johnson also expressed his satisfaction with this transfer, rejecting speculation that Williams was the team’s backup if the deal with Denver for Carmelo Anthony fail, as happened in consequence.
“Deran in no case was a backup. We We negotiated simultaneously with Denver and Utah, but all were simply turned their attention to Anthony and his transfer. I am glad that we managed to get it,” he said.

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Allen Iverson started with lost his debut for Detroit Pistons

November 10th, 2008

The team of New Jersey Nets win as host Detroit Pistons with 103:96 in a match with the program of the NBA late last night. The match was official debut was one of top-scoreres in the league of all time – Allen Iverson. Reply ended the match as the most effective for his new team with 24 points and 6 Assists, but it was not far enough. Richard Hamilton added 22 points and Tayshaun Prince is distinguished with 19 points and 11 fights in the slaughter of Pistons. Devin Harris recorded a personal record in his past career with 38 points, Vince Carter finished with 18 points and Josh Boone entry “dabal-dabal of 18 points and 14 struggle for the success of the network. Alan Iverson was greeted with applause in the Izod Center in East Rutherford during the presentation of Detroit. “The answer” is back in the Eastern Conference after nearly 2 years with the team to Denver Nuggets. Instead Iverson Detroit sent to the team of “golden chunky” Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess and Cheikh Samb. In the period 1996-2006 was Iverson icon to another club from the east coast – Philadelphia 76.
“I felt very good. I played a couple of days, so it has been very useful to back on the field as soon as possible. Control the game, but it lost in the second half. Overall it was a good start for me. I feel very well in the team and I think it will become increasingly better, “Allen said after the meeting Iverson.
Game started very well for Detroit, in the first quarter of 2004-champions and had an advance of 13 points, 27:14. New Jersey, however, managed to melt liabilities of 5 39:44 of halftime. The second half of the match did was under the control of the hosts. Nets led for 72:70 after the first 3 parts, in the last quarter wonderful game of Devin Harris was the basis of success for the team of Lawrence S. Frank. “Everything about it is firmly cast in the meeting. Traffic much in the third quarter, but finally tonight we were much more aggressive than other times. For me, no matter the points in Victory is important.’s success was very important for us to obtain greater confidence, “said the hero of the game Devin Harris.

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