Miami with 5th serial won

March 9th, 2011

Chris BoshThe team of Miami Heat continues with fluctuating performance after the break for “Star weekend after the retreat in his household the Portland Trail Blazers with 96:105 and thus record fifth consecutive loss in the National Basketball Association. LaMarkas Aldridge scored 26 points for the visitors, Gerald Wallace added 22 and Andre Miller and Brandon Roy finished game with 14 points. Dwyane Wade was again top scorer for the “hot” – 38 points, LeBron James scored “double-double – 31 points and 11 rebounds, but the biggest disappointment in this game says Chris Bosh, who scored only 7 points having managed only 3 of its 11 attempts to shoot.
“We explained what was happening. Definitely not playing as it should, however, I am sure that we remain one of the contenders for the title, said after the final whistle James disappointments. The main reason for the success of Portland tonight was a great game reserves of the team that strung a total of 41 points as the Heat bench with 8 points. In the first half, namely Brandon Roy and Gerald Wallace, who joined the match from the bench is great and thanks to both of them, the holiday was an advance by Portland 57:51. During the third quarter the hosts managed to reduce its liability to two points five times, but their opponent immediately responded to the challenge. The result was equalized for 77:77 at the beginning of the final period after dunk on Wade, but then, Trail Blazers players came to the biggest lead in the match – 89:80 in seven minutes until the cheese. The “hot” again rose to attack and after three of Mike Bibby and dunk by James, their liability was reduced, but graduates Erik Spoelstra again failed to protect, the difference jumped nine points and continue until the end of the match, causing the wrath of fans in “American Airlines Arena”.

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New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors made great game in London

March 6th, 2011

New Jersey Nets NBAThe historic weekend of the NBA in London ended in a unique way, since New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors groomed most effective game of the season in the middle “O2 Arena” in London. “Nets won with 137:136 after three innings, this was their second victory over the” dinosaurs “, after being forced over his Canadian competor and on Friday evening with 116:103. Thus ended the tour of both teams in Europe that went down in history as the first clubs in the NBA, played a regular-season meetings of the League of the Old Continent. Brook Lopez made a great game for the Nets, registering 34 points and 14 rebounds, and his career record to 8 “umbrella”. The center, however, left the game in the second over for six personal violations. Playmaker Deran Williams recorded his fifth consecutive “double-double of 21 points and 18 assists, while Kris Humphries added 20 points and 17 rebounds for success. The great hero of New Jersey, however, said Travis Autlou who shove the last 8 points for his team in the third extra minutes, leading him to success. Wing realized two free throws 12.6 seconds before the siren to form the final result in the match.
“Our team was inspired by Deran Williams, which is something quite positive,” said last night after the success of coach Avery Johnson NJ. Sasha Vujacic also made strong game for the winners. Slovenian finished with 25 points, scoring a total of 6 threes.

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Atlanta won the match with Chicago Bulls

March 4th, 2011

Atlanta Hawks matchTeam Atlanta record another victory in the National Basketball Association after the need for their household Chicago Bulls 83:80. Above all in this meeting was the leader of the “hawks” Al Horfard, who finished with an impressive “double-double – 31 points and 16 rebounds, Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford added a 12 and Marvin Williams scored 10 points for success. The most conducive to “Bulls” was Liol Deng – 15 points, Joakim Noah finished with double-double – 13 points and 12 rebounds, and the guest stars Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer had day and scored respectively 12 and 11 points. Both teams exchanged one half, as the first score 24 minutes from Chicago showed a more organized and focused game and after winning the first and second quarter respectively 28:19 and 22:14, withdrew to rest with an advance of 17 points – 50:33. In the second half the roles are exchanged, such as basketball, the Atlanta stepped up and led by Al Horfard, “hawks” have come to twist as recorded 50 points in 24 minutes, allowed opponents to score only 30 points and came up with this important success – 83:80.

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Phoenix Suns won the match with New Jersey Nets

March 1st, 2011

Phoenix Suns NBAThe team of Phoenix Suns record another victory in the National Basketball Association after being imposed on his visit to the New Jersey Nets after a period of 104:103. A total of six basketball players “Sun” finished with ten points or more in assets, as the most effective was Marcin Gort – 17, Hakim Warrick, Robin Lopez and Mikael Pietrus game ended respectively with 16, 14 and 13, while Steve Nash and Jared Dudley is reported by 10 points. Brook Lopez scored 28 points for the “network” Anthony Morrow and Chris Humphreys is reported with 22 and 16, and Deron Williams, who debuted to fans of the Nets, is reported by “double-double – 13 points and 18 assists. The match was very equal, as in the final minutes both teams had their chances to pull out the victory. 1:07 minutes before the end of normal time traveler from Phoenix had an advance of seven points – 92:85, but Anthony Morrow, Channing Frye and Brook Lopez showed composure on the other side Nash and Gort missed and the match went over – 96: 96. In the extra five minutes Humphreys and Lopez took things to an advance of three points for the hosts – 102:99, but the Suns responded with accurate shooting of Gort, and Channing Frye scored three in 6 seconds left, thus ensuring victory for his team.

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Chicago Bulls hit Miami Heat

February 26th, 2011

NBA BasketballThe team of Chicago Bulls are greeted with a dramatic victory with a 93:89 against the Miami Heat in their Hall United Center. “Bulls won the derby between two of the leading teams in the Eastern Conference with a decisive OF threesome wing Lyao Deng 16 seconds left, the score 89:89. Deng was right after an assist on the playmaker and leader of the hosts Derrick Rose. Superstar LeBron James tried then to restore equality with three, but fails. At Korvar fouled Kyle, who missed the first free throw, but realized the second and 9.4 seconds before the end of “stamping” the victory of the Bulls. This is the second consecutive home success for Chicago against Miami since the start of the tournament as both teams have played twice against each other this season. The third game between the Bulls and Heat will be on March 6 in the hall of “hot”. The halftime score of Miami had a lead of 9 points, but it erased completely Chicago with a strong third quarter, which beat opponents with 27:14. Bulls even led by 9 points difference in the final quarter but the Heat rose to attack and in turn came out ahead by 4 points difference. Minute and six seconds before the end of the cavity, however, Derrick Rose made the score 89:84 for Chicago, but at 89:86 LeBron James scored two points and was fouled. Wing implement and free throws to even the score – 89:89, before the denouement.

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Sacramento surprices Orlando

February 24th, 2011

Sacramento OrlandoSacramento Kings team record 14th success from the start of 2010/11 season in the National Basketball Association, having achieved a surprising victory in his visit to the Orlando Magic 111:105. Jermaine Taylor scored 21 points for the Kings’ Beno Udrih account with “double-double – 18 points and 10 assists, and Jason Thompson and Samuel Dalambart game ended with 17 points. The leader of the Wizards’ Dwight Howard was again all over – 31 points and 17 rebounds and Aedui Turkoglu and Nelson added Dzhamiyr respectively 19 and 15 points, but this does not save their team from defeat. Orlando basketball had an advance of five points – 84:79 after the first three parts, but guests recorded a series of 12:6 at the beginning of the final period and turned the outcome in their favor – 91:90 in 8:35 minutes until cheeses. “Wizards” equaled about 98:98 after two criminal Howard, but Udrih and Dalambart Kings again brought forward – 104:100. In the remaining 120 seconds the hosts never found the strength to turn the match and had to settle for defeat. After the final whistle Dwight Howard was extremely dissatisfied with the performance of his teammates and even question the motivation.

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Boston Celtics hires Shane Batiar

February 20th, 2011

Shane BatiarThe bosses of the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets in the initial phase of the negotiations for an exchange of players that can send small wing Shane Batiar under the “Celts” reports ESPN. According to the newspaper, this transfer is most likely because the Celtics are looking very hard Deputy permanently injured Marquis Daniels and Delonte West, while unable to offer much money on salaries and contracts on Batin expires this summer and is worth 7.4 million dollars.
At the end of last week sporting publications overseas printing information that Boston show serious interest in the Cleveland Cavaliers player Anthony Parker, but the leadership of the Cavaliers said it has no intention to part with one of his best players during this season.

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Chicago won against San Antonio

February 18th, 2011

Derrick RoseTeam Chicago Bulls record another victory in the National Basketball Association after the need for their household of the San Antonio Spurs with 109:99. Order an incredible match, “Bulls’ Derrick Rose played, who scored a career-record 42 points and Liol Deng and Carlos Boozer added respectively 19 and 15 points for success. Tony Parker scored 26 points for the Spurs, Ginobili Mani and Gary Neal added a 16 and Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson finished with a game respectively 14 and 12 points. Before the first whistle Rose took the microphone and thanked fans in a hall “United Center”, who elected member in “Star Game”, thus he became the first basketball player the Bulls after Michael Jordan, who received this recognition. Supporters hosts his gratitude properly and in full game chanting “MVP” of his address. Rose literally spilled the protection of San Antonio in the first half and scored 21 points, including the last six points for Chicago in the second quarter that gave the hosts an advance by 58:51. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker took place in the third quarter and thanks to them the difference fell into three sections – 70:73, but the trio of Bulls – Rose, Deng, Boozer has again demonstrated great success in shooting for 83:75. The hosts took control of events on the pitch early in the last part and then drew a series of 11:2 with 14 points by the end of basketball, San Antonio and never again found the strength to get back into the match.

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Dwight Howard wants the NBA trophey

February 11th, 2011

Dwight HowardThe leader of the Orlando Magic Dwight Howard declined to comment on rumors about his possible transfer to Los Angeles Lakers in the summer of 2012 a year, said the only thing thought is how to help the Wizards’ win the NBA title.
As is known in the giant contract, which reads the end of the 2012/13 season, there is a clause which allows him to leave as a free agent in the summer of 2012 a year.
“At this stage I am the Orlando Magic basketball player and my only goal is to become a champion with this team. I do not know what will happen after two or three years and why not think about it,” said Howard.
The team is close to the finals, but still have some questions before the last part of the season in NBA.

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Rubio is still not ready for NBA

January 23rd, 2011

RubioThe Guard of Barcelona and one of the most promising young basketball players in the world – Ricky Rubio has no desire to play in the National Basketball Association, at least at this stage revealed New York Times, citing a source close to the Spaniard. As is known, the team of Minnesota Timbaruuvs holds the rights to the player league overseas, but Rubio has repeatedly stated that not thinking about a career in the strongest basketball league.
“Ricky liaise with Minnesota, but the truth is that he and his family prefer to settle on the east coast if you ever get to the NBA version. That’s why bosses Timbaruuvs can use it to transfer targets, but not and rely on it to play in the team, “said the source of the publication.
Rubio himself also commented about his future in the league, saying that not thinking about the NBA.
“At this stage, the NBA is not my goal. I do not want to talk and do not want to think about it. For me it is most important to win against Barcelona,” explained the youngster.

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