Shaquille O’Neal entered in Top 10 scorers of NBA

November 14th, 2008

Center of Phoenix Suns – Shaquille O’Neal is already in Top 10 scorer of all time in NBA. The center scored 18 points against Houston in Rokets loss with 82:94 tonight and change John Havlichek from the 10th place. In his career in the NBA O’Neal entered the total 26 402 points.
It is the result of player currently in force. Although during this season has an average of 14.5 points (on 25.2 points throughout his career), if maintained its performance even by the end of this season will reach number 5 in the entire history of the League.
At the time immediately before it is Olay Dzhuon Hakim, Oscar Roberts and Dominique Wilkins. From the recent share only 266 points.
Shaquille O’Neal is the dominant player in the league in last 15 years and only set contusion has prevented him even more ahead of many of the everlasting ratings. It very difficult to get the first four: Kareem Abdul-Dzhabar, Carl Maloun, Michael Jordan and Chamberlain Wilt who have over 30 000 points. The center falls in multiple ratings: on the 2nd spot percent shooting from the game, 4th in foul met, but only 10th place in realized; of the 8th spot umbrellas (only 12 go away from 7 spot), but struggles is the 19th immediately before Dennis Rodman, like the rest of the season can still go 4 seats forward.
Among current players have three players among the Top 30 for score. Alan Iverson who points a game average is 3rd place for all time in score is 20th place. Although last week change the team, he still represents, and this season to pass the 12th Reggie Miller. Kobe Bryant was 24th, while Kevin Garnet is a 30-position.

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Los Angeles Lakers got seventh consecutive victory

November 14th, 2008

The vice-champion Los Angeles Lakers of NBA recorded seventh consecutive victory after a new start in the League Championship, overcome late last night as a guest New Orlians Hornets with 93:86. Lakers superstar of Kobe Bryant made another strong game for his team, hopes to infuse the hosts to turn in the last quarter of the team. Kobe scored unbelievable triad in James Posey just minutes before the end of the meeting final pieces of Bayron Scott. At the time, Hornets already had a series of 17-4, reducing the difference of only 3 points. The score from 3rd point of Bryant but did result 86:80, 01:08 minutes before the end.
“I just wanted to shoot over him. I felt obliged to do it,” said Kobe after the meeting.
Derek Fisher scored 4 triples and ultimately finished with 20 points and Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol was noted in 14 points to the success of the team Phil Jackson. Lakers led convincingly after the first 3 parts by 23 points difference and against one of the teams that are considered their main opponent in the West.
Chris Paul made a unique “dabal-dabal” with 30 points and 13 Assists, noting goals 16 points in the last part. The center of Hornets’ David West did finish with 21 points and 12 fights, and Pedzha Stoyakovich finished with 10 points in defeat in New Orlians. Six minutes before the end of the last part Lakers led by 16 points with 79:63 and did the final outcome of the meeting was masked. The playmaker of New Orleans Hornets Paul Chris however was far from that opinion. Garden scored 11 points and submit three graduates tend to 80:83, 01:33 minutes before the final siren. Just when fans expected reversal of the hosts, Kobe Bryant once again proved that this is fully deserved MVP in the league, marking the zone for three points in James Pouzi.

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Kobe Bryant recorded DVD with “Best of Kobe Bryant”

November 5th, 2008

The super star of NBA and the vice-champion Los Angeles Lakers definitely is Kobe Bryant. The player was born on 23rd August, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The player is only son one great basketball player and coach, the former Philadelphia 76ers Guard and former Los Angeles Sparks head coach Joe “Jellybean” Bryant. From the smaller age the Guard with number 24 know the finest points of the basketball. The famoust player got our appreciasion with the MVP trophey for the previous season where his team was just one step from the champions’ rings. Kobe Bryant is player who spent all from his career in the teal of Los Angeles Lakers and definitely his game is decisive for the whole team.
Yeasterday I understood that Kobe Bryant recorded his own DVD with the moments “Best of Kobe Bryant”, where are written a lot of clips for the Guard. And just some hours after this the all copies of this DVD finished and all around internet is offered kobe online dvd rental. Of course this player is not only important for the team of Los Angeles Lakers, but also for the whole basketball of NBA. The name of Kobe Bryant is symbolic for the years of basketball in USA. Kobe Bryant started his career in NBA and Los Angeles Lakers in season 1996-1997. The player has 866 matches player for the team and also for the seasons played in NBA, Kobe bryant had taken part from the All-Stars Team whole 10 times.

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Cobe Brayant out from basketball for 6 weeks

October 23rd, 2008

The super-star of Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Brayant will undergo surgery of the right hand, said ESPN. The Guard will disclose their plans relating to the treatment of its website, and the date on which it intends to operate. It is expected recovery of MVP last season in the NBA to continue the 6 weeks. In the last championship Kobe done at 28.3 points, 6.3 struggles, 5.4 sassists and 1.84 stolen balls average per game. The player was with the main merit of winning the title of the Western Conference and the classification of “Lakers” in the final of the League, lost in 6 matches at Boston Celtics. The missing of Kobe Brayant will not be very hard for the team of Lakers, but after the fully recooperation of the player, he will need of at least 4 weeks to come back in game. We will wait for more news about the injury of Kobe Brayant and will inform you shortly.

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