Derrick Rose will return when he is 110% ready

February 8th, 2013

Derrick RoseThe star of Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, who continues to recover from surgery on his left knee will not rush his return to the game. The “MVP” of season 2010/2011 training and traveling with his teammates, but does not set deadlines.
“There is no exact date.’m Not going back in the game before I could convince myself that I am ready to 110%. I can not tell you exactly when it will happen. Might be a few weeks, it may be next year, could be happen at any time. simply do not want to hurry and get back before I’m ready”, said Rose in an interview with USA Today. “You could say that I’m ready just over 80 percent”, added Rose on his current condition.
“Every injury is different. Everybody wants to know when he will return Derrick, I understand them. We also want to know the exact date, but we can not hire a prediction. We do what is right now”, said Gar Forman, the general manager of the Bulls.

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Derrick Rose is MVP according to ESPN

May 3rd, 2011

Derrick Rose MVPThe leader of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose has chosen the Most Valuable Player in the National Basketball Association season 2010/11 and is expected decision of the chiefs of the League to be announced in the next few days, says ESPN Chicago, referring to reliable source.
Should this happen, Rose will become the youngest basketball player in history to receive this recognition and the first player of the Bulls won the award after the legendary Michael Jordan.
The evidence supporting the choice of “D-Rose” are evident after 22-year-old guard recording 25 points, 7.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game, which helped his team to record 62 victories and won the regular season in the NBA.

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Chicago Bulls won the match with Toronto Raptors

April 3rd, 2011

Derrick Rose NBAThe team of Chicago Bulls record their third straight success in the general account and 56 and to start the season in the NBA once had with 113:106 in their household to the Toronto Raptors tonight. Bulls gained their lead further in the first two quarters of the game and then just maintained the status quo and eventually hailed a victory. So the team continues to lead in the Eastern conference and is closer to beat San Antonio as the best team in the league this season. Derrick Rose was again the star of the evening, scoring 36 points and handing ending 10 passes for the success of the Bulls. Carlos Boozer also made a strong game, finishing with double-double of 18 points and 10 rebounds. Members of the guests Jerryd Bayless and DeMar DeRozan were most effective with 26 points and Ed Davis finished with double-double of 17 points and 11 rebounds, but it did not help his team to not lose games.

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Atlanta Hawks got a spot in the play-offs of NBA

March 26th, 2011

Atlanta Hawks play-offsAtlanta won a spot in the playoffs of the National Basketball Association of the USA and Canada (NBA) after defeating New Jersey with 98:87. Al Horford has made 23 points and 12 rebounds for Atlanta, and scored six straight points at the end of the match, which stopped the Nets series. Josh Smith scored another 22 points for the Hawks, who qualified for the playoffs to the NBA for the fourth consecutive time. But bad news came from the injured Joe Johnson, who dislocated thumb on his hand and missed the flight team for the visit against Cleveland. Anthony Morrow finished with 25 points for the team to New Jersey, which lost six of their last seven games. Derrick Rose led Chicago to victory in 95:87 against Milwaukee in the second match of the evening. He noted 30 points and recording 17 assists, earning almost alone games for the Bulls. Rose took place at 83:87 resulting in favor of Milwaukee. He scored two consecutive baskets from the free throw line, then put Joakim Noah clean position smoothing shot. Subsequently, Rose scored three straight baskets and brought victory for Chicago.

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Chicago Bulls hit Miami Heat

February 26th, 2011

NBA BasketballThe team of Chicago Bulls are greeted with a dramatic victory with a 93:89 against the Miami Heat in their Hall United Center. “Bulls won the derby between two of the leading teams in the Eastern Conference with a decisive OF threesome wing Lyao Deng 16 seconds left, the score 89:89. Deng was right after an assist on the playmaker and leader of the hosts Derrick Rose. Superstar LeBron James tried then to restore equality with three, but fails. At Korvar fouled Kyle, who missed the first free throw, but realized the second and 9.4 seconds before the end of “stamping” the victory of the Bulls. This is the second consecutive home success for Chicago against Miami since the start of the tournament as both teams have played twice against each other this season. The third game between the Bulls and Heat will be on March 6 in the hall of “hot”. The halftime score of Miami had a lead of 9 points, but it erased completely Chicago with a strong third quarter, which beat opponents with 27:14. Bulls even led by 9 points difference in the final quarter but the Heat rose to attack and in turn came out ahead by 4 points difference. Minute and six seconds before the end of the cavity, however, Derrick Rose made the score 89:84 for Chicago, but at 89:86 LeBron James scored two points and was fouled. Wing implement and free throws to even the score – 89:89, before the denouement.

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Chicago won against San Antonio

February 18th, 2011

Derrick RoseTeam Chicago Bulls record another victory in the National Basketball Association after the need for their household of the San Antonio Spurs with 109:99. Order an incredible match, “Bulls’ Derrick Rose played, who scored a career-record 42 points and Liol Deng and Carlos Boozer added respectively 19 and 15 points for success. Tony Parker scored 26 points for the Spurs, Ginobili Mani and Gary Neal added a 16 and Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson finished with a game respectively 14 and 12 points. Before the first whistle Rose took the microphone and thanked fans in a hall “United Center”, who elected member in “Star Game”, thus he became the first basketball player the Bulls after Michael Jordan, who received this recognition. Supporters hosts his gratitude properly and in full game chanting “MVP” of his address. Rose literally spilled the protection of San Antonio in the first half and scored 21 points, including the last six points for Chicago in the second quarter that gave the hosts an advance by 58:51. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker took place in the third quarter and thanks to them the difference fell into three sections – 70:73, but the trio of Bulls – Rose, Deng, Boozer has again demonstrated great success in shooting for 83:75. The hosts took control of events on the pitch early in the last part and then drew a series of 11:2 with 14 points by the end of basketball, San Antonio and never again found the strength to get back into the match.

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