New York beat Boston as a guest

January 26th, 2013

NY Boston matchNew York Knicks won in 89:86 as the guest of Boston in a game of the National Basketball Association of the United States and Canada. Carmelo Anthony was the top scorer for the winners with 28 points. Knicks broke a run of 11 consecutive losses to the Celtics away game. Amar’e Stoudemire and Jason Kidd also have a major contribution to the success of New York. The guard Rondo Rajoy was the top scorer for the “green lung” with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. His teammate Paul Pierce added 22 points. Kevin Garnett contributed only 8 points to the effectiveness of Boston. Leadership change in the score 17 times, none of the teams failed to gain a solid advance and then keep it.
Only Carmelo Anthony passed the threshold of 20 points in 21 consecutive match. New York leads the Atlantic Division, while Boston is third. In another match of the NBA, played at night, 93:88 Phoenix won at home against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Nets and Bobcats are discussing the exchange of Humphreys and Gordon

January 24th, 2013

Brooklyn NetsThe managers of the NBA team Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Bobcats have started negotiations for a possible deal that would include Chris Humphreys and Ben Gordon. If both parties reach an agreement, it will put Humphreys weakling team from North Carolina, while Gordon will dock in Brooklyn.
Both players have similar contracts – power forward Humphries should work $ 24 million by the end of season 2013/14, while shooting guard Gordon will earn $ 25.6 million for the same period.
The season to date Humphreys achieved 5.9 points and 6.4 rebounds while Gordon indicators are 13.0 points and 2.3 assists.

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Online Bingo With No Deposit Schemes

November 7th, 2012

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Casinos have some common rules and regulations in terms of cashing out. One of the rules of cashing out is to make a bet which is 20xB, which means if your bonus is $10, you have to bet $200 to get the chance to draw your winnings. The other rule is to pay a small deposit of maybe $5 before you can actually withdraw your cash.
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Virtus sent an offer for Manu Ginobili

September 12th, 2011

Manu GinobiliThe Italian team Virtus (Bologna) has made an offer to star San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili, the contract until the end of the lockout in the National Basketball Association, said Gazzetta Dello Sport, the information was confirmed by the brother of Argentina – Leandro.
Interesting fact that only a few weeks ago Virtus owner Claudio Sabatini categorically rejected the possibility to attract Ginobili in the composition, but apparently changed his mind. It is not yet clear when the leader of the “Spurs” will answer the tender. The basketball, which Manu Ginobili is playing is fantastic and NBA will lose from his left.

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Turkoglu will be transfered in Spain

September 6th, 2011

TurkogluThe star of Turkey and the NBA team of  Orlando Magic – Hido Turkoglu will play in the championship of Spain, his homeland, during the lockout in the National Basketball Association, reported the media in our southern neighbor. According to information, basketball is ready to negotiate with any team he ensures that you can come in the U.S., where issues around collective bargaining agreement be allowed.
Currently Turkoglu and national team play Turkey Eurobasket 2011, tomorrow our southern neighbors are facing France.

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Lithuania started with victory on EuroBasket 2011

September 1st, 2011

Lithuania basketballThe host of EuroBasket 2011 – Lithuania started to win their participation in the tournament after being beat Britain with 80:69 in the last match of Group ‘A’. Rimantas Kaukenas was most conducive to the success of his team – 16 points. The star of British Liol Deng scored 25 points and pulled 10 rebounds, and Daniel Clark and Joel Frylend added respectively 15 and 14 points. The match offered many emotions of fans in the hall, and the UK basketball for a moment not worried by more illustrious opponents. However, the break led Lithuania – 48:39, but in the third quarter the hosts made a series of errors and the result was reversed – 57:53 in favor of Liol Deng and company. The final ten minutes Lithuanians corrected his game without any problems and failed again to regain the lead and open difference of 11 points for the final 80:69.

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Yan Vesely will not return to Partizan

August 30th, 2011

Yan VeselyYan Vesely, which was selected by the Washington Wizards in № 6 pick in the draft National Basketball Association announced that it has no intention to return to his former club Partizan (Belgrade) during the lockout in the NBA.
“We are preparing at home and then went to the U.S., where he worked on individual programs. I wait until the end of the lockout there and not go back to Partizan, because this will only hinder my concentration for the upcoming season. However, I want to thank everyone in Belgrade, because without them I would not have a chance to play in the league on the planet”, said Yan Vesely.

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Tracy McGrady may sign with Miami

August 14th, 2011

Tracy McGradyTracy McGrady can continue his career with the Miami Heat to sign a contract with “Heat” immediately after the lockout in the National Basketball Association, reports The Detroit Free Press.
During the 2010/11 season T-Mac game for the team to Detroit, where the recording 23.5 minutes per game and scored 8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists, but at the end of the regular season, he was anchored on the bench because of disagreements the sport and technical management of the club and it forced him to leave the “push”.

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Rubio may join to the team of Barcelona

August 1st, 2011

RubioThe management of the basketball Barcelona can offer a new contract of Ricky Rubio if it fails to attract in its composition Marselinyo Uertas of Caja Laboral, the media revealed the Iberian Peninsula. As is known, the young Spanish international has signed a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the lockout in the National Basketball Association to allow him to begin 2011/12 season with his old teammates.
However, Uertas repeatedly expressed their desire to go in Barcelona, ​​but at this stage of the Caja Laboral bosses do not want to part with its star and send it to one of their main rivals for the title in the Liga ACB.

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Don Nelson on a meeting with the chiefs of Minnesota

August 1st, 2011

Don NelsonThe coach with most wins in the history of the National Basketball Association – Don Nelson will meet with the leadership of the Minnesota Timberwolves at the beginning of next week and will discuss his possible appointment at the head of the “forest of wolves, the daily The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.
This week, executives of Minnesota has conducted interviews with Terry Porter, Mike and Rick Adelman Uudsan is expected in the near future the new coach of the team to be announced.

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