NBA’s Amazing Final Moments of All Time

January 21st, 2015

NBA is that dynamic, power-packed, and energetic zone, from where fully spirited and immensely strong basketball warriors emerge. It is the zone where basketball payers have to demonstrate their charm and wit with the basketball in its entirety. NBA has indeed accepted the challenging responsibility of giving birth to basketball legends, who carve out their legacies in the DNA of this league. On its way to its 70th birthday in a few years, NBA has amassed a huge wealth of treasured moments of basketballs finals that it will continue to cherish forever.

There are stunning players such as Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, who rose to the peaks of their performances while surviving the tremendous pressure of the championship series. While NBA finals are in full swing, we present to you a throwback of NBA’s amazing final moments of all time.

Year: 1998. Game#6


It was the championship round of NBA’s season of 1997-98, where Utah Jazz of the Western Conference, possessing advantage of the home-court was playing with Eastern Conference’s Chicago Bulls. This match between these two terrific teams had been the latest Finals match between them, up until 2014.

The game was in its final minute with the pressure at its peak, and Chicago Bulls were lagging behind. It was a no brainer that only Michael Jordan could save the day for the Bulls. Everyone was just waiting to see what performance Jordan could whizz up in the last seconds of the game. First, Jordan accomplished a scoring drive. Next, he worked his way to the defensive end and whisked away the ball from Karl Malone, dribbled to the three point line, and delivered a winning shot with a mere five seconds left for the game to end, accomplishing the sixth title for the Chicago Bulls. Almost a decade and a half onwards, Jordan still gets top praises for this stellar performance!

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Year: 1980 Game#6

NBA- 1980

Los Angeles Lakers were all set to play against Philadelphia 76ers, when Kareem Abdul Jabbar, captain of the Lakers, got a sprained ankle in the fifth game which did not let him play. Magic Johnson was asked to step in, being just a rookie at that time. Johnson’s spirits and confidence were exemplary, that led him to make the game one of the best one’s in history. During the game, Johnson played at every position in the court, scored a whopping tally of 42 points, 15 smooth rebounds, and seven assists that led the team to winning the NBA championship trophy.

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Year: 1970 Game#7

NBA -1970

The captain of Eastern Conference’s New York Knicks, Willis Reed, suffered from a torn muscle in his right thigh, due to which he could not play in the sixth game. This enabled Western Conference’s Los Angeles’ Lakers to tie up the series. Nobody knew if Reed would be able to comeback for the decisive seventh game. When Knicks came on the floor for warm-ups, Reed wasn’t with them.  During the last minutes, he decided to not miss the championship, took a pain relieving injection, and joined his cheering team on the floor, just moments before the tipoff.

What happened afterwards? Reed scored the first two baskets of the game that greatly lifted his team’s spirits, and inspired his team to win its first NBA championship!

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Year: 1987 Game#5

NBA 1987

This was the game where the old encountered the young; the aging Boston Celtics were going to play against the fresh Detroit Pistons.

The Celtics were almost out of the game, and this was their only leftover chance to make their way to game 6. During the last seconds of the game, Celtics were down by a point. Detroit’s Isiah Thomas was about to make an inbound, when in a stunning second, Boston’s Larry Bird stole the ball midway before it could reach Detroit’s Bill Laimbeer. He further managed to maintain his balance and glanced at his teammate Dennis Johnson, and made a striking pass to him. Johnson laid the ball in, with just one second left for the game to end, and won a 108-107 victory for the Boston Celtics. Indeed, it was a brilliant steal!

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Year: 1965 Game#7

NBA 1965

The closing seconds of this game are so glorified that they will remain unforgettable for many years to come. Boston Celtics were pitched to lay against the Philadelphia 76ers in this postseason tournament of NBA 1964-65.

The Celtics were leading the game by one point only, when in the closing seconds of the game, Philadelphia succeeded in gaining hold over the ball, which literally left everyone agape. Philadelphia’s Hal Greer was all set to make an inbound to Chet Walker, and just after he passed, Boston’s Havlicek made a mighty steal and pushed away the ball towards Sam Jones. The ecstatic swerve saved the game for the Celtics, and led them to win the series and advance to the finals to win their seventh consecutive NBA championship award!

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