Mel Raines is becoming Senior Vice President of Pacers Sports & Entertainment

January 13th, 2015

First, she helped in managing what was considered the most successful Super Bowls ever held in Indy in 2012. Then, in Tampa, FL she was a part of a national political convention together with a group of people who were in charge of running the Super Bowl of politics. At this present moment, she is known as Mel Raines, the woman who is about to join Pacers Sports & Entertainment as the Senior Vice President.

Mel Raines, 45, a native of South Bend and an honours graduate at the Indiana University has been a key person in the organization and realization of five Republican National Conventions, and besides this she has been a staff member in the second term of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Raines said that: “As a Hoosier, it is a dream come true to get to work every day in the best NBA arena in the city I will get to call home again”.

According to what the team announced, with her new position with the Pacers, she will manage all operational facilities activity at Bankers Life Field house.

In accordance to a 2013 report from the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, in the NBA women who have executive positions are not so rare, unlike in other sports where men have leading roles,. That is why the NBA represents an industry which has an A grade in a report of its hiring practices and it is a leader among men’s professional sports leagues for racial and gender hiring practices.

Her resume, which is quite extensive, explains that Raines was the vice president for event operations and government relations in the three-year run up to the 2012 Super Bowl. During this time she managed 14 committees, some of which include weather preparedness, transportation and parking, clean zone implementation, state and city services, aviation services, government services, risk management and ADA accessibility.

In the words of Rick Fuson, the president and chief operating officer of Pacers Sports & Entertainment, “Mel Raines brings unmatched experience and organizational skills to our team”. It has also been said that her determined work and planning, although often behind the scenes, is something which has been an essential part of the success of the Super Bowl. Both Pacers and the community will benefit greatly from having Raines as an asset.

In regards to planning the Super Bowl, Raines tried to do her best by activating her research skills and she even did a study of the weather in Indianapolis from the past decade, and all of this was in the last 10 days before the Super Bowl. As an important part of Indy’s hosting of the Super Bowl, she has tried to control circumstances such as the weather, which others might have not done. She never left herself without a back-up plan. Raines also activated herself in taking care of the transportation issue, concerning the whole organization of the Super Bowl. Since the football stadium is in the centre of Downtown, Raines had to spend more than a year working on a plan for road restrictions. While doing this, some of her tasks included closing streets and drawing maps in order to navigate drivers around the city and at the same time avoid any unwanted situations. Navigation and parking are only a part of the impediments that she had to manage and overcome. Once again Mel Raines did her best to save the day.

Once she was done with the Super Bowl craze, she became in charge of the Republican National Convention. With this at her hands she was responsible for managing the credentials, which determine who gets into a convention and who does not. Basically, she was in charge of the seating, as well as some aspects of security. Mel Raines will start with her new position with the Pacers March 2.

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