Kobe Bryant and the “West” got incredible win in All-Stars game

February 21st, 2011

West All-StarsThe team of “the West” won the 60-anniversary edition of All-Stars Game in the NBA, defeating the “East” with 148:143. Like the recent years the two teams was played actively in the second half in the last quarter LeBron James led the stars of “Eastern Conference” to twist, which however never happened. The victory was only 24 and the “West” in the show, which this year took place in front of full grandstands at “Staples Center. The organizers showed full brilliance of “City of Angels”, since in over a weekend basketball league of celebrities were followed almost everywhere by the stars of film and music industry, which is considered a soft namely LA. The superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant made a very strong game with his 37 points, 14 rebounds and 3 assists. Guard “Lakers” was named most valuable player in the game for the fourth time in his career and that before his own audience in Los Angeles.
Kevin Durant scored 34 points, Pau Gasol added 17 and Russell Westbrook finished with 12 for the win.
LeBron James recorded an impressive triple-double of 29 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists as he tried with all his strength to challenge the emerging recognition of Kobe, Amar’e Stoudemire also scored 29 points and Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade finished with 14 points in the loss of “East”. The teams were presented to the sounds of two of the hits of Lenny Kravitz and the East in the starting lineup were LeBron James, Amare Stadamayar, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade. West began to do Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and recorded 13 consecutive participation oh leader of the champion Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant.
It superstar “Lakers, his teammate Pau Gasol and wonder Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers officially welcomed the audience in the Staples Center before the start of the game. The game started fairly equally, but after the first five minutes West pulled by 7 points 17:10. The selection of coach Gregg Popovich was a little more organized, but definitely in the first two parts of the clash was not particularly attractive. For many East trying Amar’e Stoudemire, who is not fully restored, new ultimately decided to participate in the show. One of the most interesting moments in the first 12 minutes was even at the first change in the composition of the East, when coach Doc Rivers scored four players on the Boston Celtics – Reyzhon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, who were booed by Lakers fans in Los Angeles. Gradually the baton to the “West” was taken over by Kobe Bryant. Superstar “Lakers’ request for an award for most valuable player after it was all over the pitch and was the basis for increasing the difference for his team. Eventually after alley-oop to Williams for Deran Blake Griffin and two successful penalties of Manu Ginobili “West” led with 37:27 before the start of the second part. The next quarter began even more strongly on the composition of Pop “whose advance swelled to 14 points 41:27. Two trios of Joe Johnson and later the Al Horfard cavity back “East” in the game for 37:43. Here come the time guard Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook to shine with their skills. Graduate of UCLA, and Kobe Bryant were the basis for their team to keep the lead. Ray Allen and LeBron James, who made an impressive break from end to end on the field for 49:43, however, came the stars of “East”.
Two important plays of Kobe, basket of Westbrook and accurate at the last second shot by Chris Paul made the score 76:64 in favor of the West after 24 minutes of play. To rest Bryant already had 21 points and already thinking about a possible fourth award for MVP. At half-time fans in Staples Center “you can enjoy a recital of popular singer Rihanna, which now reaches 23 years. The second half started the match seemingly better for the “West” but the team in red teams, quickly dropped the initiative. LeBron James led the Eastern Conference stars. So in less than three minutes players Doc Rivers made a series of 8-0, reducing the deficit to 4 points 89:93. Followed strong minutes for Kobe Bryant. “The Black Mamba” first stuck a counterattack in LeBron, then scored and three for its only 10 seconds. Then the Lakers guard shove two more points 92:81. Subsequently tozna shooting from the area for three points Deran Williams did 95:82. After another strong share of the “West”, finished with a dunk for Kobe 100:86, Doc Rivers took time out. Gregg Popovich pulled itself dislocated ankle Dwyane Wade, playing the game Reyzhon Rondo. On the pitch, it appeared Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and Joe Johnson. Slightly more than 4 minutes before the end of the part it became clear that Dwyane Wade will not play more in the meeting because of the resulting trauma.
“The West” continue to lead by three baskets of Caramel and following the strong protection of Ginobili and Williams, the gap swelled to 17 points 108:91. By the end of part killer barbs on the composition of Gregg Popovich retain its strong advance on 117:100. The result after three sections were fixed with a great breakthrough in the center of world champion Russell Westbrook, completed successfully, three seconds before the siren. Then try shooting Ray Allen of the three, but his clown was incorrect. In the last quarter of the battle became very dynamic. “East” was attempting to return to the meeting. Garnett and Allen came back 4 points, while their opponents are broken to miss the first two minutes. Stars of the Eastern Conference were eager for a turn. Shooting started by two teams with five points on Kevin Durant did result 123:109. LeBron James gave it everything myself to pull the composition of the “East.” However, the “West” did not stop to dominate. Eight minutes before the end of the dunk Blake Griffin led things to 129:114. Five minutes before the siren to reduce LeBron James 125:134 after basket and foul. Then Chris Bosh cut the deficit to 7 points for the West – 127:134. Chris Paul scored three little over four minutes before the end of 137:129, but he himself fouled Joe Johnson at the counter of the “East” in the retaliatory attack. The player realizes, but it was not accurate throws from the line. Amar’e Stoudemire beat the West for 133:137, Gasol missed, but LeBron James has continued to harass opponents and after he was fouled, and successfully implemented the two shots from a line 135:137. Team Doc Rivers had made a series of 17-3 for 3:32 minutes, but two consecutive marksmanship from a distance of Kevin Durant bring peace in the composition of the “West” – 142:135, 1:46 minutes remaining. Followed troika of Amare Stadamayar and drama in Staples Center became complete. LeBron reduced after breakthrough 140:142. Gasol said after the shooting of Kobe and a few misses on both teams en Miami Heat superstar fouled Bryant to say. The remaining 20 seconds, the Lakers guard scored two penalties to 146:143. Threesome of Ray Allen, 9 seconds before the siren reduced to three points advances to the West, but the next attack Durant was fouled and missed to questioning by the line. So fix the top scorer in the NBA final 148:143.

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