Dallas Mavericks is the new champion of NBA

June 13th, 2011

Dirk NowitzkiThe team of Dallas Mavericks is the new NBA champion after a match number 6 of the finals in the strongest basketball league in the world, beat the Miami Heat to 105:95. So the club from Texas won its first title in history, closing the series with a 4-2 success and then in the middle of Miami. Incredible match Mibsam made both players have become legends in the final of the Club of Texas – Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry. So back to Dallas to Miami for the lost title in 2006, also decided in six games. The title is a first for the whole stars of the Dallas players, including Jason Terry, Dirk Nowitzki, Peja Stojakovic, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler. Ultimate success of Dallas also voiced ambitions to slap Miami placard preid season when the club launched the idea that the attraction en LeBron James and Chris Bosh launch championship dynasty in South Florida. Jason Terry led the the winners with 27 points, Dirk Nowitzki finished with double-double of 21 points and 11 rebounds. German demonstrated tragic shooting in the first half but in the second half of the match showed why is one of the biggest stars in the NBA right now. Compelling European basketball No. 1 was set for the most valuable player (MVP) of the Finals. The Puerto Rican playmaker Juan Jose Barrett added 15 points and Shawn Marion added 12 for success. LeBron James scored 21 points, Chris Bosh scored 19, Mario Chalmers added 18 and Dwyane Wade finished with 17 in loss to Miami.
The meeting started equal and the first few minutes the game went basket for basket. Guests took fragile advance but then backed by the audience, “Hot” leaped more aggressively in defense and after a series of 12:1 points, led by 20:11. Dirk Nowitzki quickly made two free throws, but gradually the Dallas basketball, I fixed my sight and cut the difference and at the end of the first led by 32:27. Tagged by score 32 points were a record achievement for a quarter since the final series. At the beginning of the second quarter, however, started strongly to Miami and eventually the team of Eric Spolstra recorded a series of 14-0. So after three of Eddie House led the hosts with 42:40. Rick Carlisle took a break, but a little before being used around the center of the terrain encountered strife between DeShoun Stevenson and Yudonis Haslam. It actively intervene and Mario Chalmers, who was at the heart of zaformiloto brief melee. Ultimately Chalmers and Haslam, and Stevenson dealt in a technical violation. Miami held the lead in the next minutes, shortly after entering the game for the first time in the second quarter to realize LeBron James 47:43. From now on, however, occurred minutes of Jason Terry. “Plane” not only kept score in the match, but was based on the reversal of the result. The player was the main weapon in attack Mibsam and after the team made three good defenses, two threes and a successful firing of the average distance, Dallas pulled by 4 points 53:49. Dirk Nowitzki, however, dropped from the trio at the buzzer to end the first half. Thus the advance of Dallas has two points after 24 minutes of play for 53:51 in the hall “AmericanAirlines Arena” in South Florida. German does demonstrate a tragic shooting, it was 1 / 12 and actually made only 3 points in the first half of the game.
However, Nowitzki put Dallas ahead 55:51 with the start of the third quarter, but then three of Chalmers and two points on Chris Bosh turned things in favor of Miami. Followed strong two minutes for the Mavericks, after pots of Juan Jose Barrett, Dirk Nowitzki, Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion team of Rick Carlisle has already resulted in 63:56, nine minutes before the end of the part. Eric Spolstra took time out, then Chris Bosh crowned with success attack Heath. In the next minutes the team of Dallas keeps the difference cavity after a barrel, but overall Miami began to make greater efforts in defense. So after marksmanship with the panel of hosts Dwyane Wade came in three points 65:62. Subsequently, two of the three marksmanship of Kidd and Nowitzki Dallas went ahead by 6 points already to 71:65, five minutes before the end. Center of Dallas, Brian Cardinal plead with assault and breach of technical Dwyane Wade, then Dirk Nowitzki scored just one of two criminal for 72:65. Later, Jason Kidd made the second one for this quarter, making advances to score 8 points for 79:71, 47 seconds remaining. Follow a precise shooting two shots of LeBron James, then the Dallas players failed to materialize, but the French national Iyan fight pulled in the raid, 12 seconds remaining. In rally Jason Terry put the ball back to the Frenchman and he realized at the buzzer to 81:72. So Mibsam were already only 12 minutes of the first title for the club in history.
Miami naturally went to pay after the match and so on pots and Wade Haslam hosts reduced to 75:81, then Mario Chalmers was precisely twice from the line of free throws. Team Dallas initially started in attack but three of the barrel in Eddie House, 10:02 minutes before 84:77 and made a real point of view seems to have opened again guests. Later, Jason Terry stole the ball in the attack of Miami and was fouled in the presentation. Guard, however, scored only one of two criminal, but it allowed Dallas to recover the advance of 8 points 85:77. Again, Terry said his 23-th point in the game with shot from an average distance of 87:77, and later Barrett scored an individual and through this has led Dallas with 89:77. Coach of the Miami Heat Eric Spolstra immediately took timeout. After him, however, Dallas managed to keep the advance in less than two minutes. LeBron James made two unanswered baskets to 84:92, but Dirk Nowitzki continued to hold the match for Mibsam 94:84. The meeting started to go basket for basket, and after both teams exchanged two unsuccessful attacks and again Nowitzki scored for 97:87. Three minutes before the end Mibsam again had possession of the ball for 97:89 and still result Nowitzki scored over Chris Bosh to 99:89, 2:27 minutes remaining. Dallas robbed constantly struggles with assault and also the team of Rick Carlisle made gradual attacks, which aim was time to run as much. Jason Terry made a marksmanship 101:89, but three of Miami James reduced. By the end hosts had no decision, and time against his opponent and thereby Dallas triumph as a champion of the NBA season 2010/2011.

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