Chicago Bulls led in the final play-off of Eastern Conference against Miami

May 16th, 2011

Luol DengThe leader in regular season NBA – Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat to 103:82 in game No. 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and now longs for the first direct clash for the title in its history after 1998. Both teams face each other at this stage of the season in the strongest basketball league in the world for the first time since 1997. In the regular season Chicago occupy the top of the East with 62 wins and 20 losses, the Heat have fallen behind with only 4 wins less than his opponent (58-24). Boys Tom Tibodo presented to the great fans in their exalted “United Center”, this time unless the leader Derrick Rose was all over and light wing Luol Deng. In protecting British national was able to completely neutralize LeBron James, who was only 5 / 15 in shooting and finished the meeting with 15 points. For its part, Deng scored 21, including 4 threes, 7 rebounds pulled, it took seven balls and made two finishing passes.
“Definitely best game in the defense decided the match. I do not think I’ve done something phenomenal against LeBron. It is a great player and can score in different situations, today just had a bad day. That’s all I have any secrets not divulged on my game against him, “said Deng immediately after the meeting. Wing added that he believed Chicago to play with championship confidence by the end of the series to reach the finish.
“If you want to fight, you must think you’re the best. Why are logged in as underdogs in this series, having won 62 games in the regular season I just believe in yourself and look ahead.”
The most conducive to “Bulls’ Derrick Rose was again. MVP in the NBA has made 28 points and six assists as gave a great last quarter. Guard scored three threes in the game as the Bulls ended a long distance with 10/21. Throughout the game each touch tropkata by guard aroused euphoria in the stands as fans of the Bulls did not stop screaming “MVP, MVP” in his address. Carlos Buzar was the third player to host the meeting with two-digit grade of 14 points. Chris Bosh made 30 points and pulled nine rebounds, while Dwyane Wade added 18 points in the defeat of Miami. Chicago broke his opponent in the final quarter, which won a categorical 31:19. This was preceded by a series of 10-0 in the third quarter. In the last 12 minutes of playing safe Derrick Rose with assault and strong inclusions of Ronnie Brewer and Luol Deng were crucial to the unequivocal success of the six-time NBA champion. Great Taj Gibson added, after an unsuccessful shot from the area for three points of his teammate, put a point of dispute.

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